Container RFID Project

  • By:
    • Wouter Koppenol (Programming)
    • Frank Bouwens (Programming)
    • Joost den Boon (Programming)
    • Eldin Hulsman (Programming)
  • Cross-platform, created with JAVA
  • Created using the WoFJE_Engine
  • Simulation shows the idea that the customer had in mind, which was to track all containers with an RFID chip, which contained cargo info and more, and reading the chips while en-route to provide real-time data
  • Features:
    • Create your own roads and railroad track
    • Add trains and trucks
    • Add containers and cargo to these trains and trucks
    • Use the permanent hubs to capture the container data as the truck or train passes by
    • Pause the simulation at any time by pressing P
    • Set the trucks on fire by pressing F!
  • Download sources (2.57MB) (NetBeans projects)

Comprehensive cargo options Comprehensive container options Overview Sequence 1 complete simulation overview Sequence 2 laying down train tracks Sequence 3 roading it up Sequence 4 placing some cargo depots Sequence 5 happy trucking Sequence 6 hubs added Sequence 7 trains on their way Sequence 8 oh no fire