• By:
    • Odette Jansen (Art & Visuals)
    • Wouter Koppenol (Programmer)
    • Menno van Scheers (Programmer)
  • Windows PC only
  • Mini games
  • Features:
    • Save the bad guy instead of harming him
    • Multiple mini games
    • Playful graphics
  • The original target for this game was controls using Microsoft™ Kinect®. Due to time constraints (we only had three weeks for this project), we weren't able to implement this feature. However, the Kinect® SDK is still required to run the game, even though the Kinect™ is no longer used in the final version. Please also download the Kinect SDK here: http://kinectforwindows.org/download/
  • Install this game (~165MB)
  • Download sources (42.28MB)

Balloon game completed Balloon game Bug game completed Bug game Buzz battle Creators Credits Ending Full painted Half painted Intro Logo Mainmenu Memory game completed Memory game